About Me

I am a globally minded, digitally focused executive who grows businesses and builds brands by harnessing data and consumer insights to create the most compelling storytelling and then leveraging sophisticated strategic approaches to marketing, audience development, communications, and partnerships to ensure success. I am skilled at harnessing the opportunities of disruption and transforming organizations so they can thrive in the face of change. I excel at identifying talent and managing individuals and teams. I’m an exceptional communicator—in person, on camera, in front of an audience. I have a proven track record of developing ambitious vision, galvanizing support for it, executing at the highest level, and achieving exceptional results.


Storytelling + Experience +
Consumer Insight = Brand

This is what I have focused on for most of my career: how the most engaging content, exceptional user experiences, and a deep understanding of the customer’s evolving needs and behaviors can be harnessed to build brands and drive revenue and profit growth.


My #1 imperative:


Build great teams, clearly articulate your vision and goals, and give people the freedom to try out new things and learn—from what works, and what doesn’t. I believe a thoughtful yet nimble process of continual experimentation is a key driver of innovation and long-term success in our digitally driven world.


By The Numbers


years experience

I love taking the skills I’ve honed over my career and applying them to our current environment. The rapid pace of change driven by technology has created more opportunity than ever for stories to be told and connect with diverse audiences, and it fuels creativity.



companies worked for

Observing and absorbing different work cultures has given me clear ideas on what I think makes for the most successful organizations and teams—and I believe it begins with leadership that establishes vision, makes smart decisions, and empowers people.



continents visited

Antarctica still eludes me but I’ve been to all the others, multiple times. I’ve been a devoted traveler my entire adult life, and I believe strongly in its power to expand minds: travel makes you both a smarter and a better person, more receptive to new ideas and different ways.


Getting Personal

Most of this site is devoted to my professional life, but for those who are curious…

I live in Brooklyn, New York, with my husband, Charles, and our Lagotto Romagnolo puppy, Marco.

I am passionate about cooking, wine and spirits, tailored menswear, design, and travel. I have an extensive LP collection, heavy on the great female singers of the 40s through the 70s. I collect old copies of Holiday magazine, fossils, and Danish pottery. I love to run.

I speak French (not as well as I used to). Fun fact: I used to be fluent in Welsh.

Much of what I know for certain about life I learned from my grandmothers.